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Test of a used Jeep Wrangler III.

We get behind the wheel of a third generation Jeep Wrangler and see if it is as robust as it looks

The Jeep Wrangler is one of those cars that stands out from the rest, that has that special “something” that makes you love it… or hate it. That is why its many lovers continue to adore it to this day, even when this Jeep has its peculiarities, for example, that water leaks into it when it rains.

Today, a Jeep Wrangler III with a mileage of around 130,000 kilometers can be found for around 13,000 euros on the second-hand market. For safety reason, you can upgrade it with Jeep Wrangler led headlights to bright your way, the JL version can be upgraded with Jeep jl rgb halo headlights that makes your vehicle more beautiful.

A completely new generation of common rail diesel from Fiat subsidiary VM Motori works in the Wrangler JK. And hard. Even if the previous owner has been late in timing belt changes, he won't put his knee to the ground.

You just have to pay attention to the water temperature with this 2.8 CRD, especially when pulling a trailer. And it is that the Wrangler JK was not conceived as a towing vehicle by its American designers.

Otherwise, the Wrangler rarely causes mechanical problems. Of course, the first 3.6 V6 gasoline engines (2012/2013) have vulnerable cylinder heads, and therefore should be avoided. And check the front axle guides for wear, if you want a minimum level of precision when driving straight.

The plastic hardtop has removable parts. But the water gets inside through the many joints in the ceiling, and then it smells musty. Check it as follows: Is there rust on the veneer floor?

Bottom line: the third-generation Wrangler is as solid as it looks. But it needs good care not to rust, and its owner needs good temper to withstand its many small deficiencies. For the rest, it is a robust car and a great companion to get off the asphalt ... and have a blast.

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