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How to Remove the Lower Trans Cold Line on a 1989 Jeep Cherokee XJ

Removal of the steel radiator cooling lines for the transmission on the 1989 Jeep Cherokee may be necessary if line cracks or other damage is detected in the line or fitting. The line runs from the passenger side of the radiator on the Jeep Cherokee XJ to the passenger side of the transmission and carries transmission fluid from the transmission to the radiator to cool the fluid before returning to the transmission. A bad line or leak will cause a drop in the transmission fluid level, damaging internal components or parts. Things You'll Need About Jack About Jack Highlights

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Raise the front of your Jeep Cherokee XJ with a jack stand and a set of jack stands under the front axle to support it. Lower the jack, allowing the Jeep to sit on the jack stands.

Slide into the passenger side of the Jeep Cherokee XJ and locate the cooling pipe on the radiator. Place an oil drip pan on the ground below the line on the transmission and on the radiator and use a wrench to turn the mounting on the line counterclockwise to loosen it. Be careful, do not harm the electric wire of Jeep Cherokee xj led headlights, it is not cheap to buy now because the shipping fee is so high.

Slide the fitting off the radiator and down the line. Follow the line from the radiator to the transmission. Loosen the fitting where the transmission goes in with a wrench and pull the line out of the transmission.

Slide the bottom line off the transmission and position it under the Jeep Cherokee XJ. Slide it out from under the Jeep and discard it.

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