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How to Remove the Front Drive Shaft of Jeep Cherokee XJ

The front drive shaft of Jeep Cherokee extends from the front output flange of the transfer case to the pinion yoke in the front axle box. Removing the transmission shaft can replace the universal joint when necessary, so that the transfer case can be removed when repair is required, or the front axle can be removed when necessary. In any case, remove the front drive shaft using the same procedure for all Cherokee models. Before you go offroad travel, do not forget to upgrade with Jeep Cherokee XJ led headlights, it will provide you a better view and safety when driving on road.

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1. Lift the front of your Jeep Cherokee XJ with a cat. Place a set of Jack supports under the front axle housing near the end of the axle to prevent them from blocking. Once the jeep feels safe in the stands, take the cat out from under the truck.

2. Put the Cherokee transfer case in the neutral position and block the rear wheel with a wooden wedge or debris to prevent the jeep from rolling. Locate the screw on the front pinion yoke where the drive shaft intersects the front shaft.

3. Remove the four 10 mm screws on the pinion yoke with a wrench. When working, the transmission shaft must be turned to access all bolts. Install the screws to one side so that they can be used again later.

4. Move to the end of the transfer case drive shaft and position the four screws that secure the transfer case shaft flange. Remove the screws with a 12 mm wrench and remove the drive shaft from the flange.

5. Press down the drive shaft and remove it from the jeep. Now, you can work on the shaft or Jeep parts that need to remove the transmission shaft.

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